If you’re squeamish - then look away now. BUT if you really do want to change your life then this is for YOU …

Discover How To Blast Away The One KEY Barrier Between You And The Lifestyle You Crave

Dear Friend … deep down you know the real reason why you are still struggling to live the lifestyle that you want. So you know it’s NOT really …

Lack of information: in fact ‘information overload’ is the more common complaint.

Lack of capital: all it takes is twenty bucks to start and you can raise that with a yard sale of all that stuff you paid a king’s ransom for and never use.

Lack of ideas: the internet, alone, is stiff with ideas just for the taking.

Lack of time: how many hours a week do you spend watching TV, playing video games and surfing the web?

The REAL LACK is your lack of motivation, which is robbing you of the golden opportunity to step up to a brighter, happier life of good times, free from money worries allowing you – eventually – to even step off your hated job treadmill and live a life of total time and financial freedom.

Which is a terrible shame and what I call …

The Greatest Robbery of all time

And the unfortunate victim is YOU and your loved ones.

Because it’s your lack of motivation that’s the sole reason why you are robbing yourself of the rich life that could be yours, if only you were motivated enough to step forward and carve out your slice of this very tasty billion dollar internet pie.

Just imagine for a moment how your life would look if you enjoyed a  level of motivation that made the Energizer Bunny look like a deadbeat and made The Terminator look like a quitter.

And imagine have a struggle with the delicious dilemma of deciding how to spend your upcoming four week winter vacation.

Would you like to spend it enjoying après ski hot chocolates in front of a roaring log fire in your own private mountain retreat, close by the world class  ski resort of Aspen?

Or would you prefer sunning yourself a world away from the bitter North American winter snuggled down in your magnificent beach house on the best Hawaiian island of all – Mauii?

Or, maybe, you’ll choose to do both.

Either way, isn’t that a far more pleasant decision than having to decide between paying some ‘Past Due’ bill and buying your loved one a birthday present – because you can’t afford both?

And the difference between the two extremes is purely due to your  level of motivation.

So, if you agree with me that the key to your success lies in your motivation, then …

I’m here to help you

Hi … my name is Stefan Kolev and it wasn’t that long ago I was where you are probably right now …

… and, in my case, my lack of motivation could be traced to a fear of failure, which I’ve since found out is far more common that you might imagine. And I only overcame my fear of failure when I realized virtually every successful person from Thomas Edison to Richard Branson failed many times before they were rewarded with success.

In fact, Richard Branson ended up in jail, following one of HIS failures. And it  was that nasty experience that motivated him to lay the foundations for his  impressive business empire.

Once I realized that …

The truth hit me like a runaway freight train

What we mistakenly call failure is actually nothing more than FEEDBACK … simply alerting you to the need to make a few adjustments to your approach and then start over – until your inevitable success arrives.

And - once you understand this - it instantly releases you from the desperate need to pursue the latest ‘bright shiny object’

Because I’ve found being properly motivated and regarding, so called, ‘failure’ as mere feedback means I now stick at a project and don’t give up at the first minor difficulty.

And the result is …

I’ve gone from deep despondency to a successful Entrepreneur!

So here’s a sneak peak inside what is a short, straight to the point work  devoid of any padding.

You can read it an evening, let it sink into your subconscious overnight and hit the ground running next day – the first day of the rest of your (highly motivated) life!

The circumstances that make people change (there are only two – so which one will motivate you?).

The secret of why the rich get richer - and the poor get poorer.

The ‘someday’ mentality – and how to conquer it.

The key secret to staying motivated. Because getting started is vital, but to keep on keeping on is just as important!

The vital difference between people who achieve their goals and those who don’t (once you know this, you’ll be well on your way to success!).

A simple exercise to actually EXPERIENCE what taking action really feels like. You’ll be amazed how great you feel, once you’ve tried this!

The most corrosive mindset of all (why it happens – and the choice you must make to combat it).

… and much, MUCH more …

By now I guess you probably realize …

… this is something you can certainly use to help you step up to that better,
financially free life you crave.

But you’re probably gonna sit on the fence until you get some feedback from others that have used this. So here it is …



"I have been struggling with motivation for a few areas in life and this book has provided me with excellent advice on the matter. I feel like I have a new perspective in life after reading this book and it is very refreshing. I would recommend this book to anyone that needs motivation regardless of the subject. "

John S.




"A lot of this book's advice is stuff that is common sense for the most part, but it's the way it's presented that gives you a kick in the pants to get going. I recommend this book to you if you need someone to tell you exactly what you need to do to get moving on that project you've been procrastinating on … “




"We all suffer from lack of motivation from time to time, and this book will help you get around that. At the end of the day, all the great things in life lie in front of us, but none of them will come true if we're not motivated to reach for them. Read this book if you're lacking motivation and reach your potential."

David Belling



Now I guess you want to know …

… the size of your investment in your golden future.

But just before I reveal that, I want to make this crystal clear …

I take ALL the risk here.

Which means you don’t need to decide, right now, if this is for you.

Instead, take it away for a full 60 day test drive. Enjoy a few ‘ah ha’ moments as the art of motivation becomes clearer and you enjoy some important motivation victories and it all becomes second nature to you.

Then, at the end of your test drive, if you don’t feel you are well on your way to achieving all you desire and are fully confident you can overcome any obstacle, just shoot me an email for a fast and cheerful refund of your entire investment.

Ah, yes – your investment. Well, as I said earlier: I’m here to help you. So I’m not about to soak you.

That’s why I’m setting your investment at a rock bottom $27

We’ve already agreed being properly motivated is central to your success  and the key factor that will truly change your life for the better.

So I’m sure you’ll agree it’s no exaggeration to say …

This is one of your Crossroad Days

Most days in our lives are routine.

And then, occasionally, along comes a day with the power to dramatically transform our lives for good or ill.

Like the day we choose what college to attend. Or the day we settle on a particular career. And the day we choose who to spend the rest of our lives with.

And then there are days like this, when the choice you make will  have a massive impact on your future fortunes.

So what will you choose to do?

Will you carry on as before, poorly motivated, leaving a trail of abandoned projects strewn in your wake because you’ve hit a slight problem, while you go off at a tangent, dazzled by the latest push button miracle that promises to make you a million bucks within days (and, of course, won’t).

OR ..

Will you be smart and realize that proper motivation is the vital ingredient in every success story on the planet and – more than any other skill – it will decide your level of wealth (or lack thereof).

I’m certain you’re smart enough to make the right choice. So I’m bursting with excitement at the prospect of sharing my insights with you.


Stefan Kolev

P.S. There’s no way you can possibly lose out here (unless, of course, you pass), because your 60 day test drive is fully backed by my ‘Either it works for you – or your money back’ refund guarantee.

P.P.S. Remember this price won’t last long, so the only way your investment is going is skyward.


ONLY $27

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